9 comments on “Tid bit From Pastor Long on ACCESS!

  1. hahaha I spoke at our ICF conference this summer I did a powerpoint presentation called “Slapped by Facebook….What you don’t know, can’t hurt them” Pastor Long, I declare if we ain’t in total agreement on this one then I don’t know what we are. I have been picked on vilified and more because I don’t have a facebook account, even on my blog I don’t give out personal information. I have warned and warned the young ladies at my church and at other churches on the danger of being too easily accessed and few of them heeded the warning. Now we have a near epidemic in our area. Unplanned pregnancies, Sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer, people getting stalked by persons unknown, sexual assaults, and the list goes on and on. when will we learn?


  2. International Christian Fellowship , basically my Bishop started a conference with churches that we always had fellowship with. In these conferences we have informational sessions during the day and preaching from the various pastors in the fellowship at night. Each year we have a theme and we try to make the most out of a few days. we only charge a small fee for materials and literature, if folks can’t pay we tell them to come anyway, the gospel ain’t for sale there. We give away school supplies, gifts and whatever else we can think of that people might need. I guess you could call it outreach.


  3. Yah Facebook has it’s perks but so many people are ignorant of it’s real world implications on their lives. What seems like a good idea one day, becomes a hastle the next. In my presentation I made a list of pros and cons. We showed people how to utilize this tool effectively, especially our people in business and family members who want to be plugged in. I showed them the common mistakes people tended to make and how to avoid absolute disaster. I showed our young people how to protect their identity online, and I talked to parents about intenet safety in general.
    It was amazing what people thought and assumed. What was even more amazing is how much kids knew, and how much their parents don’t know.


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