7 comments on “Blame It On The Church Or Not?

  1. I guess my question would be: what church are we talking about here? Are we talking about the church that represents holiness and purity, or the carnal churches that say you can meet a man in the club? Because, though there were a couple of good points made here, there many bad perspectives for black christian single women. First off, why would any Holy Ghost filled black single woman want a brother that is not fully converted? According to the bible you can’t be unequally yoked together with a half stepper. Either he’s saved or not! No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. In many cases “carnal” leaders teach its better to many than to burn, which the bible does say, but what if you are not mature enough “spiritually” for marriage? What about allowing time for God to heal those major issues in that persons life? I heard one pastor say, ” a piece of a man is better than no man”. What ever happened to waiting, self-control, and getting your issues straight before a mait? Many don’t realize that there is a harmony in marriage. This does not mean things will not go wrong from time to time. But, when those things arise those old strongholds don’t come back and drag you back into that same old cycle. So, from the carnal church perspective i would say yes it’s there fault. But from a sound doctrine teaching church, i would say no you cannot! Because we must keep in my mind that if that ministry is sound in what it teaches, people still have the dominion to “CHOOSE” life or death, blessing or the curse.


    • Jerome: I got one word for this-CRAZY. These are the folks who get to go on CNN, LOL. They couldn’t find a true believer or a person with expertise in this particular area? People would watch this on CNN and then get a big misinformed picture of Christianity. SMH


  2. You know, i was thinking about that again on yeasterday. I remember when i was growing up how when something tragic happened in the black community, the media would always interview the person with crusty lips, homeless, or always using the word ‘finnna” (lol). But if there was a person who seem to have some sense they would just look right over them. It’s good to see that this has changed some, but they do the same thing when it comes to true christianity. Just like when they always put the big name bishops on Larry King. Where is the biblical scholar who does not have a big name but preaches sound doctrine? They don’t want that person unleasing any godly influence, especially when what he/she has to say goes against the grain. They know what they’re doing!


    • Of course! They exalt everything that is crooked! And also like you said earlier, I’m a single Christian young woman (a true one) and there is no way i’m going to be joined to someone that’s not a true Christian. It won’t work, so I agree with you totally on that. But I believe God to reveal His power in this last and evil hour, or last minute,lol. These guys are going to be confounded by the Lord very soon


  3. Amos 3:3

    Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

    This principle goes goes hand in hand with a lot of relationships in life whether it be business, ministry, but ESPECIALLY when it comes to YOUR MATE. There was a Pastor that said publicly on TV that he purposely likes to date unsaved women because they are usually the good ones. BONKERS!


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