6 comments on “Carlton Pearson Is Recruiting-Get Ready Church!

  1. he said @ 6:50 if the gays left there will be no church, Carlton you know better than that you know to much Greek and Hebrew to let that come out your mouth…1 Tim 2:19


  2. WOW!! I just listened to your pod cast and I’m just blown away by the truth that God has revealed to you all. I pray that God blesses, protects, and strengthens you to keep proclaiming the truth!

    Sincerly Jeannive` Grant


  3. Bishop Pearson is the modern day Jim Jones and is carrying on as if he has the authority to oppose God’s Word. He is insane to say there is no hell, there have been testimonies of people who have been there, so God has never changed His Word nor His commandments.


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