2 comments on “Shacking Up On The Rise

  1. wow apparently people have forgotten that hell is still hot and people are still going there for stuff like this. When you decide to shack, you are putting that person, in front of you and thus your relationship with God is one person removed. when you decide to co-habitate you are putting a person in between you and your relationship with God. when you do things the Godly way then God becomes the focus of your relationship together. I have always viewed marriage as a ministry, it involves taking an oath spoken before God, any children born into this ministry of marriage are prepared for ministry to the world through watching the interactions with their parents and watching the relationship between husband and wife as one when they come into agreement. Now the world has put it’s Puney stamp of approval on same sex marriages and have tried all they can to make it work. In one sentence I can sum that up…It doesn’t work!!! Shacking up is just another way the world has tried to make the vow of marriage more convenient. “I do” has changed to “I might” and “until death do you part”, has changed to, “until I can do better than you”. God is not pleased and the bible has not changed. The wages of sin is death. In my hometown it was recently discovered that there is a form of Gonorhea that is no longer responding to any of the conventional antibiotics. When I was in the military, some thought this was a myth, the so called “black Gonorrhea” well myth has now become reality as many in urban settings are coming down with this disease and other STI’s are becoming increasingly resistant to the standard treatment. These diseases are incidious, causing females( especially), to rot from the inside out. I have seen this stuff in a lab under the microscope and have had it described in detail by a researcher that was training me, this is what I saw and was told. this disease slowly eats at the internal sex organs such as uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, quietly. This disease rarely makes itself know until the victim of the disease has full blown PID. I will never forget the night I worked on a female surgical unit and my patient was a teenager, the doctor wrote in her chart that she was gravely ill and had a belly full of blood. her insides had swollen to the point of bursting. They had her on a morphine pump and I cringed every time I went to measure her vitals. she kept a sheen of sweat on her face and grimaced in pain even in a deep opiate induce sleep. This patient eventually lost her fallopian tubes and ovaries to a completely preventable disease. When will we learn??


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