12 comments on “Kody and His Four Wives: Are We Crazy?

  1. What on earth is going on?!?!?! Lord, help us in this walk. My prayers go out for the children, especially, being indoctrinated into this. They keep on mentioning “the faith”. It sounds like a sect of Mormonism, yet they never specify their faith. I am just blown away right now!!


  2. Notice they aren’t actually saying anything beyond what they feel. We never hear any specific, doctrinal or other reason for this (we all know there isn’t one) practice. I really wish people would stop hiding behind silly beliefs and just say they do it because they want to. I won’t see them as any less crazy, but at least it can be more readily blamed on selfish human nature by folks–primarily the unsaved.

    Personally, I CANNOT and will NOT share. Two people become one flesh and something is obviously up with them if they insist on having this pie of theirs made up of five pieces. I can’t imagine having to wait to have quality time with my own husband not because of hectic schedules or kids, but because he’s with wife number one right now and I’m number four. I can see it now: It’s Monday and I tell him I can’t to have him Thursday, lol! So sad…


  3. …..”WHAT”? I don’t care how many times i see this i still can’t comprehend this. Just …”Stttttttuuuuuuuppppppiiiiddddd”!


      • I know! But lets let the homosexuals get married and not turn our backs on those who break the law to have 4 wives?!?!?! America is so double standard on moral issues.


    • Plus, if they were so secure in who they are, then why share a man? Go get your own and there will be no issues with envy, instead of surpressing it.


      • Man, I thought we’d see the last of these Jim Jones characters man. This is just the beginning of another cult. The state of Utah is trying to sue him and put him and jail because it is illegal to have more than one wife there. He claims he did private ceremonies with them. The State of Utah is condemning it because he is going public with this mess. At least there is a state that has some sense. Lets see how far this guy takes this thing.


  4. I’m so annoyed by this. Why is this acceptable viewing? TLC used to be a halfway respectable channel to me, one of the last few I tuned into regularly. But when the whole Jon & Kate thing blew up and they insisted on televising the implosion, I started to tune out. Now I just don’t hardly watch TV at all. There’s just no point. Lord forgive me, but I’d like to line all these folks up in a line and then run down the line smacking them. It’s a faith thing, it’s a faith thing? What faith? The faith of do what thou wilt is all I can see. Just insane. Lord deliver them from that foolishness and wickedness and everybody who would sit up and watch it.


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