7 comments on “When I Was Dealing With My Crisis – Hope Today Magazine Talks To Pastor Jamal Bryant

  1. Huuuuuuuuuuuuush Please! OMGoodness! This man should have been a car salesman because, he is one smooth talker. I think he could probably make Hell sound like a really hot vacation spot and could probably sell you your own shoes then talk you out of them. Anyone who wants to use the things of the world to make themselves sound….”relevant” have not matured spiritually enough to see the danger of drawing parallels with words such as “Foreplay” for sexual healing. who is he, Marvin Gaye..Dr. Ruth Westheimer? Oh wait, I forgot he’s a Docter wth a docterin (yeah I meant to spell it like that).


  2. I’m sorry, I didn’t know jamal bryant had divorced…can you believe the many bishops and pastors who are divorced and on their second and third marriages…it’s inconceivable that this is a fixture in the body of christ!

    Wow–his ministry took off with his rip off of Kelly “foreplay” — a message about sexual healing, this is how his church grew? that says volumes

    you must have a head full of cement to sit under this man as pastor


  3. Thank you for this interview! What amazes me is the fact that people forget that God can restore. Yes, what MANY of us do is wrong, however who are OTHERS to say that he didn’t mean what he said in this interview? Church people act like people can’t really be delivered! shm it’s a shame


    • Amen. However, we need not to be naive. With deliverance comes practicality. I hope that Pastor Bryant doesn’t continue in his participation with those reality shows, and stops the planning of his “sex chronicles” that he plans to come out with in the near future.


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