5 comments on “Gay & Bisexual Pastor Has A Say? Inclusion Is Coming Out!

    • What better way to do so but to use this time now. Carlton Pearson already has had the biggest platform thus far last week on CNN. He has recruited many and many more will flock to him if this Eddie Long situation doesn’t get addressed. The more it drags along, the more inclusion will take place. Speak up and tell the truth to whomever is decieved by this with love.



  1. I remember when this same pastor was featured on CNN two years ago saying that he was pushing the inclusion theology and supporting gay unions because his son had turned gay…supposedly he lost half his members..

    How did the pastor become gay? It was his son first and now its him?? unbelievable…yep, he’s trying to ride the Eddie train–but how a kettle going to call the pot black?


    • Many times, the child picks up certain tendencies from the Parents. When it comes to homosexuality, usually it’s perpetrated upon that child through molestation. I guess he was trying to cover his tracks by telling on his own son first prior to openly confessing it himself. You’d be suprised who is on the “DL” in the church community. Now that it’s the norm, he wants his members back!


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