8 comments on “Average age of first-time brides is now 30!

  1. Wow this is an interesting topic. It is true that the shift towards higher education has delayed the need for marriage due to new innovative ways of earning an income. In short, marriage was utilized in the past not only to prove that one has entered into an age of adulthood but also for economic purposes.

    What strikes me though, after reading this post, is thinking back to just three years ago when I was 21 and thinking to myself “wow I could never be married that young.”

    This tells me that coupled with the delayed need for marriage is delayed maturation. This consistent feeling of “I am not ready” says that we, as a nation, are not ready to lead a family-to populate this nation.

    On a spiritual level that sounds outright demonic (controlling births, avoiding marriage etc.) On an economic level it makes sense because if we take a look at our current policies, most careers do not have substantial maternity/paternity leaves so that leaders can support their family appropriately.

    The topic that you brought up is multi-layered and problematic. In closing, I too question, are we (as a nation) going to have to wait for the average age of 40 to be as mature as those back in the day who lead armies at the age of 13?


  2. Read the WHOLE thing. 30 YEARS?! WHAT?!
    My assumptions are the following:
    1)either they’re not saved


    2)they’re really busy ppl!!


  3. “With young people thinking they’re going to live to 100, finding a husband is no longer going to be a priority.”

    Wait, wait wait. . . WHAT?!
    100? Girls, you crazy!??!


    -(This is coming from an 18 year old’s perspective.) lol


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