2 comments on “Divorce Was Once Frowned Upon In China But Now…

  1. They are somewhat of a late blooming society, but a little exposure to the rest of the world (gee thanks globalization), and they are off the the races. It appears that the race that China is playing is….how many cases of HIV can they get? As you already know, as the divorce rate goes up, so does insidence of disease, domestic violence, and societal disruption all together. China was already drilling a moral hole in the ground, with their high abortion rates, both planned abortions of a female fetus, and the forced abortion of a non government sanctioned birth. Now, the Chinese people are going to soon start feeling the results of SIN MORE THAN EVER!!!!



    • You hit it on the nail with that one Kenya. HIV is one of the leading causes illness in China. I’ve had a friend of mine go to Japan for a wedding, and this individual told me that pornography is openly promoted out there. The hotels, the cabs, etc. I thought America, Amsterdam, and parts of Europe were the only ones who indulge in immorality. I guess not.


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