2 comments on “Almost 2 in 3 underage pregnancies end in abortion

  1. Thanks to the ridiculous show on MTV 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom, the desire for girls to go out and get pregnant is glamorized. They try to justify their content by showing all of the ups and downs of teen pregnancy but what they seem to be highlighting on most of the shows is the fact that a child is carrying a child and it seems as though all of the adults in that childs life are allowing them to dictate everything. The parents are little more than bumbs on a log, allowing the little teen couple to cohabitate in their houses, unmarried, refusing (some of them), to finish their education. now with the new season, the subject of abortion is finally dealt with in a signifigant way…as you can imagine, MTV is the worst place to try to make any sense out of something so haneous as the murder of an unwanted child. Here is a quote from the black teenager who was followed as she made the decision to abort her child.

    “I get sad from time to time thinking about it but then everything happens for a reason,” she wrote. “God gave me 3 paths to take abortion, adoption, or raising this baby along with another.

    “I chose this path and I think about how stressing things would have been if I haven’t made the one I’ve made.”

    yes you read it right she said GOD gave her the paths and abortions was one of them??? uhm this is clearly a case of hearing voices and it certainly wasn’t God! so very sad


    • Yes, it is sad. It is very important for women to be available to mentor these young women into making the right decisions when it comes to abstinence and unwanted pregnancies. We need to disciple young women and win souls for Christ. The same goes for men too. No one is above truth or responsibility to their job as a Christian. Anointed vessel, continue to be a light where ever you are in this nation. The women of this this Nation need to be won and discipled.


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