2 comments on “Black Women Say Marriage-Worthy Men Hard To Find

  1. “A guy maybe a simple construction worker and uneducated, but he may have everything there is to complete you and make you feel good about you. That’s what we really need to be looking for”.

    I think this is one of the problems, people are waiting on another person to complete them. Please, accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and he should be the only person who completes you. A marriage, that begins initially as a relationship, should be composed of two people who are already 100% on there own, and together make 200%.
    Also, while I do recognize that there are fewer black men, most of the black women I know are not ready, spiritually, mentally, developmentally to be in a lasting relationship. I know many brothers who complain that good women are hard to find, especially in this era of promiscuity, and immaturity.


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