One comment on “NBA or NBGMA – by Justin Bray

  1. Excellent points all. The media came out and said, “we can’t have these athletes saying this terrible word (gay) in front of and around the children who attend the games.” So we gotta fine the two terrible cursed fellows (Bryant & Noah).

    Now my question: Why are we fining athletes for using the word “faggot” or “gay”, when YOU KNOW those guys are saying MF, GD, the N word, etc. when they’re on the floor and in the huddles. I’ve seen them say it with my own eyes. Are those words not offensive, not worth fining (MF, F, GD, N word)? What a joke. NBA is pushing the faggot agenda. Must be a few owners who are faggots.

    That’s the scary part…….Americans are brainwashed and HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO THINK. They can’t think 2 or 3 levels deep, only one level and they accept any crap the TV spews at them.

    Jesus is coming again. Are you ready?


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