2 comments on “2011 Was…

  1. Very good information….only one BIG problem so far…when Christ comes back…that will be the second coming!…No 7 year waiting period..then a 3rd coming..that’s not bibical- it’s never mentioned anywhere in scripture about third coming…he was here before- died, buried, resurrected. So when he comes back for His bride that’s it. 1+1=2
    the tribulation that is mentioned in scripture is The dark ages..millions of Believer were killed/executed for standing in Truth and not bowing down. I’m going to keep reading now:)

    In love, Dee #adamantbeliever


    • Sorry to get back so late, but I just saw this message.

      yes, thats where me and I believe Your Pastor differ. Love the ministry, though. However the Church will be taken away before the tribulation. I have known this since I was seven years old. I have studied it for over 30 years. Actually, the Lord warned me to never get off this message 20 years ago. It has the dulling affect on the Body. Everyone is looking for this and that to happen before expecting to see Christ- this is the enemy. There is never a time when Christ teaches not to look for His appearing. This is called The Blessed Hope! If you would like to continue the dialogue; email info@lastgeneration.biz


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