6 comments on “Gospel Radio Station Promotes Adultery on Sunday Drive! ISIA!

  1. Wow, my eyes were just open. After reading the whole article I understand it is not hate; but it is the truth. Music can not save a person only Christ can. So let give the glory to christ and not hand over power the music. To the song ” I’m saving all of my love for you” , I am not sure I can ever sing that song again after clearly reading through the words.


  2. I absolutely enjoyed your article. Music about adultery is not funny, cute, or amusing. When we as Christians walk after the things of the Spirit, the desire for anything secular will leave us. The Lord gave His very best for and to us. We should want to give our very best for and to Him. There is no grey with the Lord, only right and wrong. While He is a merciful, gracious Father, He does not play, and neither should we. He deserves for than that from us. I was delivered (through the Holy Spirit and a conscious decision) from secular music more than 17 years ago. It’s so funny because now when I hear secular music, whether I am in a store, restaurant, etc., it really agitates my spirit. It interferes with our growth in the Lord.


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