3 comments on “Forget about Plan B- Go Back to Plan A (Abstinence Until Marriage)

  1. This information is quite disturbing! What is there to think about? First off giving.license to.teenagers to use plan.b also.implies that the whole.contraception message isnt working anyway! Why not spend more funds and time promoting abstinence, which can help.to.avoid, pregnancies, disease, soul ties, heart aches etc.

    This generation.is so impatient, slow to mature yet quick to.sin. No one wants to wait anymore


    • This is crazy…and you are absolutely very insightful by saying this proves the entire contraception campaign failed. Please spread this word since you are in Brooklyn – where this News report took place. Hope to see you and Pat at the conference this weekend. I can’t stop SMH!!! This is unbelievable…


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