One comment on “Billy O’Reilly has a point once again! SMH

  1. Look the the Senior advisor seems like the Senior Salesman of the President rather than a person who Advises the president. Then again with all due respect…if she is the one advising him on this issue…she is tooooo laid back.
    On the other hand… I sense that Bill Orielly is indeed passionate just as Mrs. Jarret commented. However, although he may be on the right track, (so to speak) he is still looking to humanism to provide a solution. Yeah sure, Let Lil Wayne tell all of the black girls to stop having sex…when he did a song a while back saying he wanted to “F… every girl in the world” Their very lyrics would cancel out any positive message.

    But what is sad is that neither Bill O’reilly nor Valerie Jarret ever suggested that the Church should intervene. Yall the black church has lost all credibility with these people. All we are is Side-Show entertainment. SMH. This is why we have started the WDM Movement. You can help be a part of what Bill Oreilly is searching for…I feel his frustration x1000. He said “you need more Grit!” He’s right! What he is saying is…you have to go HARD with this generation. Not just the samo, samo, from that the President’s advisor was talking about…blah, blah, blah (with all due respect). But that’s what I heard—-blah, blah, blah!


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