7 comments on “Watch our Forbidding to Marry Truth-A-Mentary!

      • Sorry I’m late but growing up I saw how it really is especially when people get older and are more set in their ways, and it does not look like something I would want to put myself thru.


      • 1. I agree there are a lack of fathers in the black community. A woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man.
        2. I have read articles on how black women are the least likely to get married especially successful ones. Its very stereotyping and unfortunate.
        3. Social media does play a big part in the anti marriage movement. In a lot of tv shows now, you see couples moving in together but they are unmarried. In music specifically rap you hear about having sex so casually.
        4. I disagree with the lady towards the end of the video that said “women got married because we were considered property”. I was never brought up with that mindset nor does the Bible say that. I enjoy these topics because I have different opinions on marriage etc and I find it interesting to hear other people’s opinions.


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