2 comments on “Delaying Marriage and Parenthood: The Consequences of ‘Emerging Adulthood’

  1. We live in a drastically different world than our parents and their parents before them. It used to be jobs right out of high school were plentiful and paid enough to support a family on one income. That’s not so today. Both young men and women are pressured to attend college and saddle themselves with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that take decades to pay off in order to build the income it takes to support a family comfortably and not in near poverty. My grandmother only paid $300.00 dollars for her college education. It simply takes longer to establish oneself in a world where everything is exorbitantly expensive alone and even more difficult when creating a family.
    And demographics in Christianity don’t help. Single women outnumber single men, in some churches overseas the difference is ten to one, though it’s not that bad in the states, there will still be left-over women with no potential spouses – while men don’t seem interested in establishing families, women who are ready are left in a sort of limbo wondering why the men are dragging their feet. Because women have to be modest, they can’t be temptresses, all they can do is wait on God. Which is funny because that’s what the men are doing in a lot of cases. For all the talk about gender roles and men initiating relationships, they’re just not.


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