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This Waiting, Dating, & Mating site is a FREE trans-generational site to address the problem of marriage, fornication, and single-hood in the body of Christ.  Did you know that during slavery a black child was more likely to live with both parents than a child is today?  At the same time most of our singles in the church have opted not to get married- yet they are not celibate. We will post news articles, videos, and relative information regarding such matters.  The world has gone mad and the immoral issues of our land needs to be addressed.

The information shared on here can/will be very useful and informative however, we’d appreciate if you would review our visitors policy:

  • No comments with foul language will be posted.
  • All comments will be screened prior to being approved. Although this is a Christian site, it would be naive of us to assume that people who visit this site are all Christian.
  • No False info will be posted.
  • Valid email required but will NOT be posted or made visible by visitors.
  • Some postings-based on our discretion- will not allow comments to be submitted.

Your Free to Go!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at wdm.conference@gmail.com or info@lastgeneration.biz