1. Single adults – never married, divorced, widowed, single with children all singles should attend.  Where ever your desire is to be or not to be married – this conference is for you.  For those who want to be married – we guarantee within 6 months to  year you will be headed down the aisle if you apply the principles of WDM.
  2. Youth 18 and older – the youth is our greatest single, unmarried resource  in the church.  We have the most opportunity with this generation to shape them into holy men and women who will live pure until marriage and not make the same mistake of the former generation.
  3. Married Couples – We want to celebrate and honor marriage at this conference so all married couples are invited.  We need to hear their testimonies.  We need to encourage them as they encourage singles to follow the process as well as encourage newlyweds and troubled couples to “hang in there”.
  4. Parents – parents (no matter what their marital status is) will learn what to teach their children so that history won’t repeat itself.

2 comments on “WHO SHOULD ATTEND?

  1. Greetings to everyone in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Let’s kick this event off. I am really looking forward to this event. Mirages, homes, and Families are being destroyed and with this conference and by the Power of Jesus Christ I believe thing will change. But let’s not leave it all up to God though, because it’s some things that we can do to trigger this change. See, some things, situations, circumstances wont change until we change our thinking or environment. For instance, the killing of newborns won’t change until people stop getting abortions! It starts with us and Finishes with God!

    So let’s take the things we gave to the Enemy!! I know, some people might say “Take back what the enemy stole!” But we can’t blame the enemy for everything! I believe we gave these things to him when we decided to accept homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion and all other kind of crazy things. And because we accept these things, mirages, homes, family and or community are being destroyed!! So lets stand up and take these things back. And I believe that with this Conference things will change! But we don’t have to wait until the conference, lets START RIGHT NOW!! And how do we do this?? First lets line up with God and his Word (Matthew 6:33). And then lets act out 2 Chronicles 7:14, because it starts with us as a people (Christians). So let’s do it!! We need all the PRAYERS and support for this conference, it’s all needed. And no the enemy don’t want this to happen, but God gave us the POWER to make it happen!!!

    -Go with Christ and He will go with you!


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